Most Desirable Features for Home Buyers Revealed
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Most Desirable Features for Home Buyers Revealed

Most Desirable Features for Home Buyers Revealed

Some main features seem to be appreciated by all home buyers. This is why it is wise to try and second guess those, and adapt your property to those, previously to listing your property. Over the years, buyer’s preferences have changed, but some main improvements and additions seem to be maintained at the top of the list.

When it comes to those extra advantages brought by a property, one of the main preferences that most buyers seem to have in common is a generous garden. If it’s a well-defined space, even better. Keep the garden clean and tidy, in such a fashion to clearly delimitate itself from the neighbouring properties. This seems to be highly regarded by all home buyers. Invest in your garden’s appeal, as well. Buyers love to be presented with the opportunities offered by such spaces. Invest in some garden furniture and try to create an intimate and cozy space. Flower pots and some ornamental bushes will certainly help you meet the most severe demands of your potential buyers.

There is no secret that all buyers seem to be searching for those extra features in a home. And most obviously, a hardwood floor will be more valued in their opinion than a basic and unappealing carpet. Instead of investing your money in a carpet replacement, make sure to uncover the beautiful floors underneath. In some cases, you may discover a precious hardwood floor. With a little sanding and a fresh top coat, you will bring it to an exquisite design, a design to die for, at least in potential buyer’s opinion.

In buyer’s opinion, investing in insulation is nothing more than an extra step – a lengthy one, even – to their happiness in their new house. If you want a fast and profitable house sale, you should urgently hire some attic insulation services and extensive insulation services, if the property lacks proper insulation. Sure, this may translate into more expenses for you, but these expenses will be recovered at the sale. Sure, all of us might prefer finding this highly important aspect already fixed when moving in a new home, wouldn’t we? Keep in mind that proper insulation is due to decrease electricity bills, and most house buyers tend to look for those properties with increased energy efficiency.

This might be an unconscious choice, but buyers seem to be more likely to buy a property where the kitchen is equipped with light cabinets. In case the property lacks proper natural light, these will lighten the room and make it look more spacious than it actually is. Dark cabinets are more likely to make the space look gloomy and closely, which is an instance that you preferably want to avoid.

More than 12 million of Americans work from home or freelance. This is a common trend especially amongst young individuals, that find themselves at the age of their first home. Many potential buyers don’t give themselves too much time to think about a certain property if it is equipped with a home office. They simply buy it! As technology and flexible hours make their entrance into worker’s lives, they seem to appreciate the availability of an extra room that can be successfully used as an office.

Especially amongst young buyers, low-maintenance properties will certainly sell better than those crowded and easy to clean and maintain ones. A granite countertop, a carpet-free property is preferable to the opposed options, as these are perceived as hassle-free options. A property equipped with a dishwasher and “disposable” elements will also sell better. We are more inclined, as a society, to replace than to repair. The new homebuyer generation is fundamentally different than the previous ones. This generation wants to have their spare time to themselves and despise daunting hose chores. A low maintenance property will certainly appeal to them.

We previously mentioned how today’s home buyer is looking for already insulated properties. With energy costs always on a peak, today’s buyer will appreciate properties equipped with solar panels that allow them to save even more on energy expenses. Not only a finances matter, for the new homebuyer generation, but also an environmental concern. This is one of the reasons for which young buyers would prefer to spend a little extra only to pride themselves on a self-sustainable property. Buyers tend to factor extra costs that appear in the long run for properties that aren’t energy efficient and seem to be very likely to dismiss those from the start.

This seems an incredibly superficial reason to purchase a property, but today’s buyer is less likely to take a trip to only see a property, if there aren’t available some reliable pictures on the listing website. For them, this is an utter waste of time, time that we previously established that they value very much. This new trend emerged with the technological revolution. As buyers are more likely to search for properties online, they also expect to be provided with reliable research materials – photographs of the property, in this case. Viewing the property’s location on online maps will also help them make a decision faster. In 2014, more than 60% of the buyers claimed that they viewed after seeing an online listing. This is why you need to take some appealing shots of your property, before uploading your ad to a local real estate directory.

These are some details for which today’s buyer will search for when looking for a property to invest in. Keep in mind that today’s buyer is nothing like the previous generations that were choosing to purchase their homes instead of renting them. Make sure to accommodate the needs of these young buyers, if you want to increase your chances for a fast and profitable house sale.